Because of the current restrictions, all activities at Green Routes have been suspended until further notice.

However, we have been given six hens and two turkeys from St. Modans High School, as there is no-one to care for them during the school closure, and we now have all the new hens in with four of the ducks and the turkeys in the coop. This is the first time we have had turkeys!

News from the garden

Some cheerful news! Our ewe Hannah has had her lamb – just one. A bit of a surprise as we were not expecting any until later.

David Thomas, one of our tutors, has made this video, showing how the birds have settled in..

An update from David…

Scotland’s Flood Risk Management Conference

Green Routes students Sam Ridley and Cameron Browne presented findings from their creative research work with Rachel Clive (University of Glasgow) at Scotland’s Flood Risk Management Conference in Glasgow at the end of January 2020

Sam and Cameron, along with Rachel at the Conference.