Waitrose visit

Our students visited Waitrose to learn all about healthy food choices.

Feedback from our students was really positive, and everyone really enjoyed the visit. Having Waitrose healthy eating co-ordinator Alison explain all about healthy eating options will hopefully help us all to make our diet that little bit healthier.

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Students from Green Routes enjoyed a recent visit to Waitrose, Milngavie to have a tour of the store by their healthy eating co-ordinator Alison. Alison explained the importance of why it’s vital for us to have a healthy, balanced diet and explained that Waitrose always want to promote this in the store.
All of our students had the opportunity to ask lots of questions about the different types of food groups, portion sizes and food labelling. Our tour gave us the opportunity to look at healthier choices such as buying cereals that aren’t sugar coated, choosing meats low in fat, and trying to avoid ready meals high in salt. Alison also gave us lots of advice about meat free alternatives that would be good to incorporate in a vegetarian diet.
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At the end of the tour, students were thrilled to take away and try some healthy goodies from the store. These included nuts and fruits such as mangos, papayas, pomegranates and a rather exotic dragon fruit which no-one had ever tried before.