What we do

We are delighted that most of our students have now returned to the Garden and their work placements.

What we do

Green Routes Stirling is a registered Scottish charity, based in Gartmore, near Aberfoyle, Stirling.

We offer young people with support needs an opportunity to learn and grow, to develop skills for life, learning and work. We have a wealth of experience and a track record of success.

Here is a video of some of our volunteers earlier this year, taken by David Thomas, one of our tutors…

Green Routes offers hands-on training in horticulture and an alternative to classroom-based education for young people with additional support needs.


Our team of volunteers and students working together have brought a disused and neglected walled garden back to life, and we offer a range of volunteering opportunities in a supportive environment.

Volunteers are offered training to act as mentors and role models for individuals and groups of students, while others help in the running of the Green Routes Project as members of its Board of Management.

We encourage people who are interested in volunteering or who would like more information to get in touch, or simply to visit the garden to learn more about our activities.

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